Mobility 3 in Esposende

22 - 28 September 2019


Friday September 27 2019

Friday, the fifth and therefore final day for us in Portugal, started at 8:30 a.m. All the students of the Escola Secundária Henrique Medina had to participate in a one-hour walk - in which the rest of the students from the Erasmus+ project took part in as well. We also had the chance to take part in the football, volleyball, basketball and table tennis tournaments at the school, which began at about 10 a.m.
The planned Moonwalk-Workshop unfortunately didn't take place, instead there was the possibility to participate in an alternative dance workshop from 11 a.m., if you didn't want to take part in the tournaments, that take place once a year.
Around 1 p.m. we had lunch in the school canteen before we started at about 2:50 p.m. to complete the Erasmus+ internal online dictionary on Astronomy. After this, we had to leave feedback about the whole project on a website created for this purpose - this lasted until about 4 p.m. after which we left school.
At 18:30 we met again to watch the sunset and the night sky together, have dinner and let the week end nicely. This was a complete success: the food was great, the dancing was really good fun and even some tears flowed when it came to saying goodbye. Late in the evening we returned to our host families, happy, even though a little sad.

Mieke Wernsmann, Germany

    This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.