Mobility 3 in Esposende

22 - 28 September 2019


Thurday September 26 2019

On the fourth day of the Erasmus Projekt we met at 9 o'clock because surfing was on the programme. When the first group started at 9:15 the second group had to wait 20 minutes because the bus was too small for everyone. After about 10 minutes we arrived ot the beach called ,,Ofir". When everyone was ready to put on their swimsuits we went along the beach to our coaches. There we got wetsuits and our group was divided into boys and girls. The girls went body-boarding first and the boys went surfing. Of course, there was an introduction, as always, but this time it was very funny. After having a great time, the groups changed over. At 12.15, the first group made it back to school where we had showers and lunch. Then the two groups met up. Lunch ended at 2pm but but everything was delayed by the late arrival of the second group.
A little later we started the Apollo 11 workshop which was conducted by Mr McPhee. We learned about how everything began, how a rocket is built and about trajectories. We worked in a group called 'Apollo' and watched a film to explain the origins of the lunar programme. Mr McPhee had brought some models with him which made it a lot easier. The group-work was enormous fun, exciting and everyone had lots of fun together.
At the end we met briefly to say goodbye and then went home with our host families to spend the evening with them.

Jana Götz, Germany

    This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.