Mobility 3 in Esposende

22 - 28 September 2019


Wednesday September 25 2019

At 8:40 we started with our bus. After a 75 minute drive with a little bit of traffic we reached Porto. At first we visited the beautiful train station with the blue and white painted tiles. After that we visited the cathedral from wich we had a nice view over the city. Back of half an hour freetime we were walking through the city an listened to many street musicians. We had the possibility to go shopping in some shops because after that we went to our bus and drove to the University to eat lunch.
After that we split in two groups one visited a workshop by Jorge Filipe Gameiro the director of the University "Faculade de Ciências Universade de Porto" and Catharina. They told us about the university and they experiments. The other group saw some experiments with mirrors the plasma sphere and optical illusions. After that the groups changed so that everyone could see all.

Mia Fuchs, Germany

    This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.