Mobility 3 in Esposende

22 - 28 September 2019


Tuesday September 24 2019

We met in front of the school at 08:30 where the buses were waiting for us. The journey to Braga took 45 minutes and we drove past beautiful fields and meadows, a lake and through a tollgate. On our arrival in Braga there was some light rain although this cooled us down after climbing the 583 steps through the thick fog up to the 'Bom Jesus' Temple. But the hard work was worth it: the church was very beautiful! Whilst we were in the church, the fog became even thicker and when we went outside you couldn't see anything of the city below us. Back down at the bus, 583 steps later, the rain and fog abated and we drove to 'Universidade do Minho'.


At the university we listened to a very informative lecture about the connection between particle physics and astronomy. Following the lecture we then went to a nearby computer laboratory where we worked in pairs using software designed to analyse real data from CERN. Each group inspected 50 sets of particle tracks from the ATLAS detector in the hope of finding evidence for the Z boson. The professor then analysed all of our data together and we found that we had detected the particle.

Following lunch at the university canteen the sun had made an appearance and we all walked to the "Casa de ciencia". In the "Science House's" planetarium we were greeted enthusiastically by the staff and we watched a movie about astronomy. The movie focused on the solar system, the constellations and the planets. It also was explained how we learned about the universe through the ages. After the film, we had the opportunity to try something a little more unusual. We were each given a small robot and instructions how to programme it. We were also given the colour coding that enabled the robot to execute different commands. We then made up our own path that the robot had to follow using black lines for the path and combinations of coloured dots for the commands. When the robot passed over the dots, it recognised the code and executed the command, e.g. it drove slower or faster, turned around or stopped for 3 seconds. After this funny and enjoyable experiment we were allowed to look around the "Science House" and returned to the bus at 16:00.
At 17:00 we finally arrived at the school and went home with our host families.


Dajana Pusch, Germany

    This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.