Mobility 3 in Esposende

22 - 28 September 2019


Monday September 23 2019

The first day in Portugal: We arriving at the Henrique Medina school, at 8:15 a.m.. We started with a nice reception in which the project was presented and a student played and sang an excellent rendition of REM's Man on the moon on guitar. We then visited the town's Maritime museum and were treated to a beautiful view os Esposende from the tower.


After leaving the museum, we walked through the city centre to the town hall where we were warmly welcomed there by the deputy mayor. It was already half past eleven, so we had a lunch break and ate in the school canteen.

In the afternoon Dr. Wolfgang Unkelbach gave an excellent and informative lecture on the moon. This included some group work in which we were encouraged to discuss topics such as whether it makes sense for mankind to inhabit the moon or to mine minerals there. In the following discussion each group presented their argument and answered questions about their views. In spite of most of the groups working in a non-native language all communicated very well in English.
Shortly afterwards the project was over for today and we returned to our host families.

Leon Kesper, Germany

    This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.