Mobility 2 in Ayr

16 - 22 April 2018


Wednesday September 18 2018

The third day of activities in Ayr was a workshops day. The Erasmus+ members each took part in a couple of workshops about a wide variety of subjects. After a short explanation of what would be happening, the pupils proceeded to their workshops. The Erasmus group was split into three smaller groups that would go to different workshops. One of them, for more advanced physics students, was related to acceleration due to gravity. The second one was a debate about the space race between the U.S.A. and the U.S.S.R. While the third one involved building a Mars rover. Before lunch, time there were three more activities: a planetarium, discovering a range of telescopes with Ayr Astronomical Society and a lecture about physics in India given by the Indian teacher Mr.Jaikishan Rawtani.
The pupils had lunch and then went to the afternoon workshops. Some students talked about the expansion of the universe, others did a business studies activity related to building a spaceport in Scotland and those who like physical activities trained 'like an astronaut'. After these activities the pupils went back to their host families.


Through this day's activities the pupils understood a little bit more about what it takes to explore our universe, but mostly we had fun and got to know the students from other countries better.

The Portuguese Team

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