Mobility 2 in Ayr

16 - 22 April 2018


Tuesday September 18 2018

The third day (second working day) arrived. We departed from Wellington School at 9am and travelled for around one hour to Glasgow. The first place we visited there was GSC, which stands for Glasgow Science Centre. It is one of Scotland's most popular attractions and after spending some time in it, I highly recommend it to you. It is full of different scientific experiments that make science fun and clear for the audience. It is quite big and it takes a whole day to try every experiment. Unfortunately, we did not have that much time, but we still enjoyed every minute. We also watched an interesting film about the stars and exploration of our universe.

Our next stop was University of Glasgow. We met astrophysicist Martin Hendry who is a member of the team that won 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics for capturing gravitational waves. He briefly explained what exactly these gravitational waves are and how they detect them. The whole lecture was very interesting and understandable and he told us that there are still so many interesting things to be discovered. He finished with a thought that a bright future is ahead. They are planning to continue with their research, which might lead to the answers on some questions about our universe. You will find more highly interesting information about Professor Hendry's work on . After the lecture, we visited the University's observatory and then we returned to Wellington School.

This evening, our host got us fish and chips and drink called Irn Bru. It was extremely sweet and tasted a little bit like candy. Then we tried to play hockey, but it isn't the same thing as hockey in Slovenia and it was challenging. We also tried to do keepie-uppies where you have to bounce a ball on a hockey stick. It was hard and we only managed to do 6 or 7 of them.

After that we went to bowling and a laser game where two groups competed against each other and tried to shoot their opponent with a laser gun. We had so much fun and can't wait for tomorrow.

Ana Julija Preseren, Slovenia

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