Mobility 2 in Ayr

16 - 22 April 2018


Monday September 17 2018

Monday morning

In the morning all the Erasmus Guests from all the countries joined the whole school assembly. We were greeted with Wellington's Bagpipe band playing 'Highland Cathedral'. Mr Johnson, Headteacher, welcomed everyone before the Erasmus welcome by Mrs Coontz and we took the photos as a group outside with the beach in the background. After a short break, we watched a video introducing the theme of Astronomy and did some icebreaker activities. This included a team quiz across different languages and a 'speed dating' activity where we asked each other quick questions in a short space of time.


After lunch, we left the school to go into Ayr town centre for a 'selfie tour'. We were split into groups with those from other countries and given a list of objects to look out for and take a picture with. We saw the whole town this way and took photos with different types of shops and items such as 'a person wearing a kilt' or 'a person with red hair'. Once we had completed the tasks, we returned to school and met up with our hosts for dinner and the ceilidh.

Emily, Scotland

Monday evening

The first day of the LTTA 2 at Wellington School in Ayr, Scotland, U.K. was really amazing. After the morning activities, we went on a tour of Ayr aimed to make us discover the city. The tour also had a goal: to take pictures of places, things and people, everything specific to Scotland and the UK. We were split up into 8 teams of 5 and left to explore the town on our own which made us more aware of all the cultural Scottish things surrounding us: a person wearing a kilt, Scottish tea, a traditional restaurant, a place where we can eat fish and chips, haggis, shortbread, a scone. This way it was easier to integrate into the town and Scottish culture, to get to know each other better and communicate in English. During this activity we also developed our time management skills, our negotiation abilities and we learned to work as a team to solve a specific task.
After we were done with the “Selfie Tour”, we walked along the beach all the way back to the school where we also ate dinner. Then, we went into the Carleton Turrets Hall to experience traditional Scottish dances, such as “Gay Gordons” and “The Virginia Reel”. This created a connection between all the pupils from all the countries because the dances mixed up all the nationalities and it also created a different view of the teachers because they were dancing and having fun with their students. Everybody enjoyed the fun atmosphere that was created. The dances were accompanied by the talented Ayrshire Fiddle Orchestra which did an amazing job providing the necessary music. Some students and teachers of Wellington School even wore their kilts which made the experience even more authentic. The day ended with everybody singing “Happy Birthday” to a student, Manon, who turned 17, which was a very nice and unforgettable surprise.
Scottish people have an amazing and unique culture full of different things that you won’t find anywhere else, such as bagpipes, kilts and ceilidhs.

CHIVULESCU Stefan-Cosmin and PETRESCU Nicoleta-Diana, Romania

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