Mobility 1 in Ljubljana

10 - 16 April 2018


First Impressions

We arrived at the airport in Ljubljana after so much waiting at airports because of delayed flights and strikes but still quite excited as this made all our dreams come true. It was our first trip abroad and the first time that we had flown so it was really an unforgettable experience for us.
We were lucky enough to find our meeting point with the arranged taxi driver, a very friendly guy with a big smile, who took us to St. Stanislav's Institution. We were wondering whether our hosts would be there as it was getting quite late by the time we reached our final destination.
As we arrived at the school, we were really impressed by the size and architecture of the school. It is a unique combination of old and modern design. And the school is situated in the heart of a lovely park. It is so peaceful and quiet. It was interesting to find that there are even animals such as sheep kept in the school park. Isn't it amazing?!
The windows of some rooms were open and we could hear someone playing a violin, others were just having fun, so the whole school and the dormitory were lit up and it looked as a big house full of children who were having fun.
We found our way to the main entrance and there a very polite and smiling janitor welcomed us and invited us to wait for Mrs. Alenka Battelino and the hosts to arrive. We had the chance to look around in the entrance hall. The school is beautiful and impressive not only from the outside, but inside as well.
Shortly afterwards, the hosts arrived. Mrs. Battelino gave us a warm welcome and introduced us to each other. And even from the very first impressions we could feel how warm and hospitable the Slovenes are.
We had lovely dinner with the host families. The food in Slovenia is absolutely delicious. We talked a lot about our countries: their history, culture, customs and traditions. We found a lot of similar words in our languages.
It was one really long day, full of emotions that we will never forget.

The Bulgarian team

    This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.