Mobility 1 in Ljubljana

10 - 16 April 2018


Working Day 5

Sunday April 15 2018

The fifth working day of the mobility was dedicated to activities with families until mid-afternoon, and they were very diverse: visits to Bled Lake, mountains, snow, walks in the forest, boat trips, cathedrals and cinema. Some of the time was also spend on making the last adjustments in the preparation of the presentations planned for the final activity.
After our free morning we went to school (at 4 p.m.) for the final party, but before the party really started we had to present our projects and workshops to everyone!
When we arrived at school and met again our fellow students again, we could already see some sadness as we knew that this would be our last day together ... but the general decision was to try to have as much fun as possible!
When the whole group met in the Matija Tomc Hall, our teachers gave us the evaluation questionnaire on the activities developed during the meeting, which we filled in very positively (many smiles). Then we had the presentation session of the enterprise projects carried out by the different groups. Most of the students were very nervous about having to talk to so many people… and in English!! However, we did not even look so bad at the presentation ... and in fact some were very funny!
The enterprise project that we had as a challenge was to design a company dedicated to colonising the Moon in an enterprising way and contemplating several aspects: project financing, target customers, location of implementation, costs, …. They asked us to be very creative and innovative, because it was a contest and we had a jury of three teachers to decide which would be the best project. The winners were congratulated and receive a symbolic prize.

After all the groups had presented their enterprise projects, the official closing ceremony was held. There, the students and teachers from each partner school were called to the stage, where they received their certificates of participation from the Director of the Host School and were accompanied by warm applause from the audience. Many photographs were taken to record the moment: the teams from each country, only the teachers, only the students, and, at the end, with the whole group! It was fun because everyone was very amused and smiley when they held the banner with the insignia of the Erasmus + project.

At 19:30 we were able to enjoy a buffet style dinner prepared by the parents of our hosts. It was yummy!! We are able to confirm that traditional Slovenian food is very tasty.
So we were prepared to continue, with the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Erasmus + programme and the long-awaited farewell, where we could dance and sing, celebrating this fantastic week together.
The party was great, the organisation was incredible, the atmosphere was cosy and friendly and it was definitely the moment that everyone got closer to each other. Although, it was also the saddest moment since the goodbyes were so difficult to make.

The Portuguese Team

    This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.