Mobility 1 in Ljubljana

10 - 16 April 2018


Working Day 4

Saturday April 14 2018

The fourth day arrived. In the morning we had free time. My host family took me to Skofja Loka, a local town with medieval architecture. It was quite a nice walk around the city. Then we went to eat pizza at the local pizzeria. Some of us, also with host families went to Lake Bled and to the Bled Castle as well. The view is extraordinary and we would highly recommend visiting Bled if you are in Slovenia.
After lunch we visited the coastal city, Piran, Slovenia. The weather was sunny and clear and it was bound to be a great day. We departured from St Stanislav's at around 14:00 and we travelled for around 2 hours, as some construction work was being done on the highway which slowed us down significantly. In the bus we had a great time hanging around, talking to each other and learning new words in all of the different languages. When we arrived at Piran we visited two museums: Piran Maritime Museum and Mediadom Piran where guides told us about the city and we learned a lot about it. Also we observed two of the three sundials in the city. Afterwards we had only half an hour to tour the city alone (which was too short…) and we took pictures and enjoyed the stunning view of the Adriatic Sea. We left Piran at around sunset and just like before we had tons of fun in the bus with students of all nationalities, which was great. The trip as a whole was great, but I would suggest that maybe next time we could go there a little earlier because we cannot enjoy the city as much in such a short time as we did today.

The Macedonian Team

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