Mobility 1 in Ljubljana

10 - 16 April 2018


Working Day 2

Thursday April 12 2018

This morning we all gathered in the main conference room and were given the main notices of the day. With the main topic of our Erasmus+ project being astronomy, we celebrated the Day of Human Space flight. First, one of the Slovene pupils talked about the opportunity he had had to meet a famous American astronaut with Slovene roots : Randolph BRESNIK.
We were shown breath-taking photos taken from space and were given anecdotes about Mr Bresnik's experience out in space. Then a group of Slovene students introduced us to Slovene history, geography and culture. We enjoyed learning more about Slovene food but also internationally famous sportsmen and artists.

Following this detailed introduction to Slovene Culture, we were split into different multinational working groups to dive into physics through different experiments : Measuring the distance from the earth to the moon, creating astronomy games, learning more about solar irradiance measurements so as to find exoplanets. Some of us had fun using lego bricks to study orbital motion while others were part of a debating society group focusing on the conditions of a Mars expedition.

At the end of the day, pupils from all nationalities were split into new groups and worked on an entrepreneurship challenge based on a space mission to the moon. A great challenge for us all since all the groups will have to be ready with a convincing business plan to be part of a contest which will take place on Sunday April 15th. Good luck, everyone ! "

Alizée Samaey, Institut Saint-Dominique, France

    This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.