Mobility 1 in Ljubljana

10 - 16 April 2018


Working Day 1

Wednesday April 11 2018

The second day arrived. For some, it started quite early, because we gathered in the Matija Tomc Hall at 7.45. We were first addressed by Mrs Battelino, the Slovenian Erasmus Coordinator, and we also received a welcome from our headmaster, Mr Simon Feštanj.
After introductory words and group photo shoots, we went on a tour around St. Stanislav Institution. Our group began in Kregar Atrium, where we viewed the current exhibition. Then we continued to the chill-out area for our First Year pupils (aged 14-15). On our way there, we also checked the exhibits from classical times and talked about the Latin classes in our school. We proceeded to the second floor, where we saw the science classrooms and the exhibition about the exchanges our school has participated in over the past few years. Our guests got really excited when we arrived at the exhibition of quotes from Harry Potter and the works of Jane Austen. Then we carried on to the school chapel, where we told the guests about spiritual life at our school. On our way to the church of St, Stanislav, we went past the library and the photos of our senior students. In the church, we looked at the Rupnik mosaic, and talked a bit about the history of our school. After that, we went down to the gym, which was very crowded. Somehow we managed to squeeze through the crowd to the small gym, where we talked about sport classes. A lot of our Portuguese guests were absolutely excited, when they saw our large climbing wall. When we finished our tour, we returned to the Matija Tomc Hall, where the physics teachers had a short meeting. We were too early, so we sat on the stairs in front of the hall and started to talk. We talked about different topics; most interesting was the climate in Portugal. Soon we got interrupted, as we had to go back into the hall. There we were told about the workshops that will take place on Thursday and Friday. The enterprise competition was also explained to us. After the presentation, the guests were divided into groups for the enterprise contest and then there followed a short concert by a mixed choir.

The guests got a few minutes of free time after concert and then they were told about the afternoon activities. At noon they departed for the city centre, where a tour around Ljubljana followed. The tour started at Prešeren Square, where students again got divided in four groups. One group first visited Križanke and National University Library. From there they went to the Town Hall and then carried on to the Zmajski Bridge. They also visited Ljubljana Castle on foot. After that, they returned to Prešern Square, where they did some sightseeing by themselves and were later picked up by their hosts.
I also spoke to some guests and they were willing to share their opinions on the day:

Maria Martinis from Portugal:
"About Ljubljana I liked the most Three Bridges, ice-cream is very delicious and of course, the Mexican restaurant was my favourite part. It's a really beautiful city, especially the river, and it's nice that it's not too full of tourists. And of the whole day my favourite thing was meeting new people."

Helene Plautin-McShane from Scotland:
"I found the day very interesting, and I liked the organisation and that the teachers all know what they are doing. I also liked the choir."

Catherine Chambers from Scotland:
"I most liked the walk in the city and observing Ljubljana, where I found everything very beautiful."

NIKA OVEN (Slovenia)


    This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.